Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tool #8

Because two teachers on our team  received a technology grant a few years ago, we have been fortunate to already have some experience with using the itouches and netbooks in our classrooms. I have used them as workstations and in collaboration  with students in other classrooms. The students love using them in the classroom.They have become a vital part of our classroom learning.

Three things I learned from today's videos:
How to navigate the home screen on both devices
How to sync with itunes
How to access approved SBISD apps

Ways to use these devices in the classroom;
For research when learning about animals and their habitats, birds, landmarks, famous historical figures, and landforms
For playing games that help practice various math and reading skills
For blogging and collaborating with students in other classes
As workstations during language arts and math time

I will teach the children how to care for the devices and use them properly. I will set up a rotation schedule for use of the devises. I will also have my classroom helper learn how to be responsible for charging and storing the devices properly. 


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