Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tool # 2

Today, I visited the blog's for Beman's Blog, Branon's Summer Blog, Craddock's Creations, Mallette's Musings, and Mrs. Eggleston. It was interesting to see the different styles for each one that I visited. In Branon's Summer Blog, I was excited to see how knowledgeable our librarian already is about this process. I know she will be a great resource for all of us. It is so important for the librarian at a school to stay current with technology, since it is changing so quickly. I commented on Craddock's Creations. Ms. Craddock is a colleague of mine and I know she is very "tech savvy". I know I will learn so much from visiting her blog this year. I agree with her when she said that she feels comfortable with the "sheltered online environments". I feel intimidated when I see other people's blogs. They all seem much more creative than mine. Because of this, I am nervous about who will see my comments and blog. However, Ms. Craddock has nothing to worry about. She is extremely creative and innovative. I know I will grow through this process despite my apprehensions. This growth will greatly benefit any future students that come into my classroom. In the future, I will continue to use Discovery Education to enhance my classroom curriculum.I found it very beneficial this year, especially in the content areas of science and social studies.I also plan to use Kahn's Academy this year. I have heard from several teachers that it is an excellent math resource. It will provide me with numerous ideas and resources while planning the math lessons for my team. The URL address for Discovery Education is http://streaming.discoveryeducation.com/.


  1. It looks like you are already growing! Wow! Two tools in one day! (P.S. Your colleague might not be as savvy as you think -- she just now learned how to set up voting buttons on email . . . and there's a good chance she will forget how to do it by tomorrow!)

  2. Meg! You've done such a great job on your blog. I'm so impressed. I'm getting such a late start but am loving looking at all the great work everyone has already done. Way to go! :)