Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tool #10

Most importantly, I want my students to learn that they must immediately minimize their screen and contact an adult if they see anything they think is not appropriate while using the internet. I had two different instances where the same student stumbled across(according to him) something inappropriate and then showed it to other students instead of letting my substitute know right away. The other children went home and shared what they had seen with their parents. Of course, this caused some major concern for the parents. It was understandable due to the nature of the pictures that had appeared on the computer screen.

As a result, I have taught my students that they cannot access Google and type in the name of things they want to research without a teacher being present. I know that inappropriate things can pop up very easily, even when students don't mean for it to happen.

I want my students to be able to recognize when the information they access doesn't appear factual or accurate. I also want them to learn how to access websites that have been deemed appropriate and useful by teachers.

I have been using Brainpop and Brainpop. Jr in my class for several years. It has great lessons on how to use the computer correctly and safely. I plan to use these lessons again this year.
In addition, our librarian does lessons on digital citizenship with the students. She talks with the children about this each time they use technology for lessons in the library as a constant reminder for how to use sites  safely.

At curriculum night this year, I will devote part of my discussion with parents on digital citizenship. I will stress the importance of teaching the children how to access safe sites and what to do at if they stumble onto something that doesn't seem appropriate. I can also include a link to the Brainpop, Jr. lesson on my blog for parents to access. I will also consult with other teachers on my team to find out what they do in order to educate parents on the importance of digital citizenship.

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